Comments from people in the industry

"Stefan Bergström and Lotta Råberg take you through what may be your most crucial step in using the Rational Unified Process: a successful adoption process. From assessment of your current capability to the details of RUP implementation, this book takes you by the hand, and guides you. It is all backed by their considerable practical experience helping major industrial companies in Europe implement RUP."

"This book provides a unique perspective on how to successfully introduce lasting improvements into any software development organization. It provides practical guidance into how to conduct a process improvement effort using the Rational Unified Process, written by people who have many years of experience helping customers to be successful with RUP. This book is an essential addition to the bookshelf of anyone adopting RUP, or undertaking any software engineering process improvement effort."
-KURT BITTNER, Worldwide Communities of Practice Architect, IBM Rational Software, Co-author of Use Case Modeling, Addison-Wesley, 2003

"Adopting the Rational Unified Process offers real-world advice from those who have been there, implementing RUP in enterprises and organizations. The authors speak from a deep, practical knowledge and honestly share both their successes and mistakes. Following the guidance in this book could save you months or years of costly trial-and-error when implementing RUP."
-BARCLAY BROWN, Renaissance Research Corp.

"Change is inevitable in the sometimes bleeding edge of software development; so where we can borrow best practices from other proven disciplines such as Business Change Management, we should do so with both hands. The authors practically demonstrate how to leverage these sensible practices when implementing the Rational Unified Process. If you are responsible for implementing RUP in your organization and can only buy one book, make it this one."

Jason Salas wrote a review of several books on RUP on his website

This is what he wrote about our book:

“Adopting the Rational Unified Process: Success with the RUP” is a title any organization looking to streamline operations would be wise to pick up.  It’s basically a “how-to” guide on making RUP work for you.  And right off the bat, it lets you know that RUP is meant to be picked apart. 

It explains strategies in getting the members of your team to buy into RUP’s concepts, as well as getting management to support it.  It also maps out a proposed strategy for using RUP not only in new projects, but for inserting it into work already ongoing.

 It’s written with a very friendly tone, and explained in plain English, with short, to the point chapters, making it a very easy read.  It’s also organized very logically, and features many of the RUP templates, as well as UML diagrams and schematics that reinforce the lessons learned.  The book also does a good job of demonstrating the concepts mentioned, by giving examples of how RUP is used, and then follows it up with an outstanding appendix highlighting many well-known businesses using RUP in their operations.

 Because of the clarity of writing, proven examples, and exhibits, this book would make an outstanding addition to the curriculum for either a software engineering course or business class.